Saturday, May 30, 2009


This weekend has been pretty good so far!
My best friend spent the night last night.
We spent a few hours at the mall,
Then we went to Wal-mart and I have
to say, I have never had so much fun In
Wal-Mart. Ha Ha. We ran around the store
and took pictures with random people.
Then we went to Starbucks, and
I got the best thing there,
Green tea frappichino!
It was pretty late when my mom
came to pick us up and we were on
the way back inside and my mom fell.
on the curb.
The end result: A black eye, Sprained knee,
and a lot of cuts and bruises. =[

Tomorrow is confirmation Sunday.
I have to stand up in front of my whole Church,
and say a speech. The worst part is I'm in high
school, and All the other people that took the
class are in middle school, which means I
should have taken the class a long time ago.

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