Saturday, May 9, 2009


Still at my grandparents..
I've always loved the small town
that they live in. I've always wanted to live here.
But Idk.. I think I out grew that. It's a great place
to visit, just not to live. It's just that it's a little too
small. Being here doesn't feel like it used to.
It's still great and everything but it's just different
now. Ya know.
NOTHING in the town has changed... I guess I just have.

*The movie theatre plays 2 movies at a time.
*Everyone in the town knows everyone so theres
no getting away with anything.
* The "Mall" only has 3 stores and a salon.
* The best store here is WAL-MART
haha.. Kind of sad.
* Theres one elementary, One middle, And one high
school for the entire town!
* Everyone here is just... really really country!
---- Nothin against that I guess I'm just used to
city people.

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