Thursday, May 7, 2009


OK. So today was great. Except for these really
immature middle schoolers on my bus...
Really weird Middle schoolers!
I'm sitting on the bus right...
And I usually sit in the back with all the high schoolers,
but today I felt like sitting towards the front.
I'm sitting there listening to my I-POD and textingright
and this guy reaches out and feels my hair..
And then he's like sorry... I just felt like doing that
your hairs so soft! And I'm just like WTF?
Then he reaches out and touches the girls hair
behind him and is like sorry I just love touching people's

I'm just sitting there getting so annoyed...
He's really weird...

OK. Moving on!
I got my new laptop today!
It's like amazing...

Song that saved my life today:
Maybe tomorrow - By: the stereophonics

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