Monday, June 29, 2009


Three more days until I leave for my trip to my grandparents
for the forth of July. Then Sunday morning we are leaving
early in the morning to make it back to my house in time for me
to go to on another trip with my best friend. We are going to camp
and I can not wait. A lot is going to happen on this trip.
Im not sure If I will have signal on my laptop for me to keep
writing for you guys. So when I get back if I didnt write I
will tell ya'll all about the trip!
But I have to get off here, Im going to start packing.
Yes three days early.... HAHA.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today was hell for hollywood.
Farrah Fawsett and Michael Jackson passed.
My heart goes out to all of their family.
Farrah was an amazing actress,
And Michael changed the music world forever.
R.I.P. FF and MJ!


Have you ever heard someone say the past is the past?
That's not exactly true. The past always finds some way
to come back and make itself the present.
Its always making you feel like you can never move on.
So people please...
stop saying that.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So. If any of you are being raised by single moms,
give her a major break. I saw first hand how hard it is
for my mother today. It was around noon and the landlord
knocked on my door and three cops were with him.
We were soposed to leave because my mom didnt pay
the rent. My mom was at work so I called her and she came
home and handled it. I was so freaked we would have to leave.
I am so proud of my mother. She is raising three kids all on
her own. As much as I might say I hate her or complain about
how much she is on my back sometimes, I know its just because
she cares about me. I love my mother more than anyone.
I know she will always be here for me.
It doesnt matter how hard things may get. It just doesnt matter.
Because at the end of the day, we all have each other.
And some people dont realise that family is the only thing
that we ever really have. Family can be anyone.
A friend. Or even some crazy neighbor that will never
leave you alone. Family can be anyone. You just have to look
hard enough. I am so greatful for mine.

Song that saved my life today:
Broken By: Lifehouse

Monday, June 22, 2009


So Im just hanging out today.
Friends over and we are watching
"The secret life of the american teenager"
Im not going to ruin anything so im gonna
change the subject. And I finally figured
out my dads number so I texted him
"Happy late fathers day"
I feel pretty ok about it.
Dont really need to vent. But yeah,
Im so sick of keeping everything inside.
I really need to scream. HA
Im gonna get off here...

Song that saved my life today:
Have a little faith in me By: John Hiatt

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy fathers day!
Today kind of sucked.
I don't know why but I really wanted to call my dad.
I don't have his number. So I called everyone on his
side of the family to see if they had his number.
They didn't of course.
On the plus and yet minus side....
This guy asked me out today.
I was flattered, but I am already dating someone.
So I had to turn him down. I hate turning people
down. I feel so mean when I do. But he was fine with
it. And so now I just hope it isnt going to be awkward.
We are soposed to hang out like Tuesday so I guess
I'll see. But anyways. Im gonna get off here.
Sorry I have been writing less lately its just
its summer you know... haha.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I havn't written in a really long time!
Sorry about that. A lot has been going on!
So it's officially summer.
I'm so excited school is over!
I couldn't stand that place another day! HA.
It's about 1:20 in the morning right now.
Im just laying awake thinking about things.
Me and my best friend got in a fight and we
are no longer talking. I prefer to keep it
that way after the things that were said.
Today I guess she told this girl about what
had been going on with us and she
messaged me on facebook about it. It's so
none of her business... Don't you just love
how people think that everything involves
them so they have to know about it.
Its like : OMG its not any of your
business OK!
I should be going up to my grandparents
town soon anyways, so I'll get away from
everything and just get to start over.
Meet some new people (Guys)