Saturday, May 30, 2009


This weekend has been pretty good so far!
My best friend spent the night last night.
We spent a few hours at the mall,
Then we went to Wal-mart and I have
to say, I have never had so much fun In
Wal-Mart. Ha Ha. We ran around the store
and took pictures with random people.
Then we went to Starbucks, and
I got the best thing there,
Green tea frappichino!
It was pretty late when my mom
came to pick us up and we were on
the way back inside and my mom fell.
on the curb.
The end result: A black eye, Sprained knee,
and a lot of cuts and bruises. =[

Tomorrow is confirmation Sunday.
I have to stand up in front of my whole Church,
and say a speech. The worst part is I'm in high
school, and All the other people that took the
class are in middle school, which means I
should have taken the class a long time ago.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My weekend was pretty good.
I hung out with this guy and nothing
happened. But today I found out that he
told all of his friends different.
I think it's crazy what people will
say to make themselves look good.
It doesn't bother me at all.
Because I know the truth. Everyone
that went out with us knows the truth.
Lie about what happened all you want,
it doensn't change anything.

Song that got me through today:
Kris Allen - No boundaries

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hope everyone had an awesome memorial day!
Sorry I havn't gotten a chance to write!
I will soon though! =O

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today hasn't been great.
I am SO tired!
I went to sleep at like 1 in the morning
and then had to get up at like 6 for school.
I almost fell asleep during one of my exams today! =O
It's all the Kardashian's fault. I was watching their show!
LOL. It's an awesome show!

On the bust ride home in the afternoon, that kid
touched my hair again. He walks over to me and I
was just sitting there talking to people and texting,
and he sits in the seet behind me and reaches up
and rubs my head, and Me and everyone around me
are just like okay it's getting so old.
HA HA. He's so weird!

Song that saved my life today:
Save you By Matthew Perryman Jones

Season finale of
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl
tonight! WATCH!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I was so worried! I just forgot my password!
But I finally remembered it! I was so relieved.
So. I don't remember when the last time I wrote was.
Lately I haven't been doing much. I've been taking SOL
testing at school, and I found out Thursday that I
passed my science! Now I don't have to take the exam
at the end of the school year. I just don't have to come to
class which is awesome because now I have a free block
to go somewhere besides school during the day!
I am so excited, Summer will be here before you know it!

Next weekend is my best friends birthday!
So I'm going to go to her party Friday and then Saturday
we are going to the pool with a few people.
We met ten years ago. We moved across the street from
her family. And her and her mom came over to bring
us some milk because my mom went to the hospital.
The first thing we did was play barbies. I love how when
your young it doesn't matter how long you've known each other
you can be best friends without knowing anything about
the other person. When my dad got home to check on us
my dad and her mom were just like whoa, I know you.
Turns out they dated in high school. Which was SO WEIRD!

It's hilarious how those things happen.
Then not funny at all... Kind of ... Disgusting. LOL

A few weeks ago she found her moms high school year book
and found my dad's signature. I'm hoping what he wrote was
an inside joke or something, because if it's not then he was weird.

Today has been a pretty good weekend. I didn't really do anything.
Cause I was soposed to go to a friends but she got grounded.
I've been in my room all weekend because my mom,brother,and
sister are all sick. So i'm hanging out in my room until they get
better... Don't get me wrong I have been helping them out.
But I can't get sick, I have Tests all this upcoming week.
Then the week after that I have exams... I can't miss another
day of school until summer which sucks!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So. Today has been pretty good.
This really weird kid on the bus keeps
touching my hair and I'm just like
don't put your greasy hands in my hair...
Ha Ha.
After school I went to my friend Chanel's.
Me,Ebony,and Becca were there.
Now I'm just sitting here at home,
watching TV.

Monday, May 11, 2009


OK. So. Today SOL testing started.
I didn't have an SOL today so in every
class we just chilled.
It was awesome. When school
ended I got on the bus,
and was sitting there talking
to people. Everyone I talk to had
gotten off the bus and there was only me
and a few other people on there.
I'm just sitting in the back of the bus and
this middle school er walks back and just
touches my hair...
He's done it before too...
And he's just like "It looked so soft!"

And I'm just thinking WTF is is problem?!?!
Ha ha

Sunday, May 10, 2009


My uncle got married a while ago
and I got to meet my new aunt today!
She's really nice!

Happy Madre day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have been soo Effin clumsy latley..
I swear... I have bruses all over my
legs and arms from running into
things or falling.. It's terrible.


Still at my grandparents..
I've always loved the small town
that they live in. I've always wanted to live here.
But Idk.. I think I out grew that. It's a great place
to visit, just not to live. It's just that it's a little too
small. Being here doesn't feel like it used to.
It's still great and everything but it's just different
now. Ya know.
NOTHING in the town has changed... I guess I just have.

*The movie theatre plays 2 movies at a time.
*Everyone in the town knows everyone so theres
no getting away with anything.
* The "Mall" only has 3 stores and a salon.
* The best store here is WAL-MART
haha.. Kind of sad.
* Theres one elementary, One middle, And one high
school for the entire town!
* Everyone here is just... really really country!
---- Nothin against that I guess I'm just used to
city people.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Me and my family are going to my grandparents
in another state, (I love traveling!)
for the weekend. So if I don't get a chance to write
then I'll tell all you bloggers about my weekend
on monday! Have a happy holiday moms!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


OK. So today was great. Except for these really
immature middle schoolers on my bus...
Really weird Middle schoolers!
I'm sitting on the bus right...
And I usually sit in the back with all the high schoolers,
but today I felt like sitting towards the front.
I'm sitting there listening to my I-POD and textingright
and this guy reaches out and feels my hair..
And then he's like sorry... I just felt like doing that
your hairs so soft! And I'm just like WTF?
Then he reaches out and touches the girls hair
behind him and is like sorry I just love touching people's

I'm just sitting there getting so annoyed...
He's really weird...

OK. Moving on!
I got my new laptop today!
It's like amazing...

Song that saved my life today:
Maybe tomorrow - By: the stereophonics

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


SO. Today was OK. I'm getting my new laptop today! =]
I'm pretty excited!
Yesterday afternoon it started raining.
And me and a few other people went
outside and played football
in the rain...
They had SO MUCH FUN trying to explain the game
to me.. LOL. [not really]

But back to today:
In art class we got our pottery project back to glaze.
So I glazed my bowl. I was told that the orange
dried clear. So I painted my project blue first,
and then to make it all shiny I put the
"Orange that dried clear" on it.
--It didn't dry clear -Now I have an orange bowl. Ehw!
Haha. It's all good though... LOL

As usual: History class was sooo efffin boring.
I have never liked my teacher in that class...
She thinks shes hilarious... And it's just like

Biology sucked.

On the bus home this girl goes
"I love your earings.. I want to lick them"
And I was just like.. "THAT'S GREAT!"
[It was kind of wierd]

Now I'm home.

Song that saved my life today: Missing you By: Tyler Hilton


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The institution of marriage was created when
people only lived to be 30 years old.

Song that saved my life today:
Kate Voegele - You can't break a broken heart


OK. So. I'm sitting here.. Just got done getting ready 4 school.
Another day..
I'm so bored with this.
It's the same thing everyday.
I definitely need to shake things up.
Do something exciting.
Cause I'm getting boring. Haha.
Cause right now I'm just stuck here.
Standing still.

Monday, May 4, 2009


OK. So. Today was boring. And like on most boring days, It got me thinking.
I started thinking about that quote
"Sometimes you have to loose yourself to figure out who you really are."

I seriously agree with that. I think everyone eventually looses themselves.
I've definatly lost myself a few times. And If I hadn't I wouldn't have known
that I'm so much stronger than I could have ever known.
Of course I wouldn't have gotten through that without everyone in
my life. I'm SO lucky! I'm SO lucky to be where I am.
I have done things that I would never be proud of. But
It made me the person I am today.
I have no regrets..

The song that saved my life today : All we are- By- One republic

Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Post

So. My names Catherine. This is my first blog...
I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to be writing yet.
Here are some basic things about me...

*I'm 16.
*Ever since I was 13 it's just been me, my younger brother and sister... And my mother.
My dad kind of chose not to be in the picture anymore. But I'm over It... Most of the time.
*My favorite band Is - Forever the sickest kids ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫
*My best friend is awesome!

Im not sure what else to write yet.. But I'll get back to all you bloggers!