Wednesday, May 6, 2009


SO. Today was OK. I'm getting my new laptop today! =]
I'm pretty excited!
Yesterday afternoon it started raining.
And me and a few other people went
outside and played football
in the rain...
They had SO MUCH FUN trying to explain the game
to me.. LOL. [not really]

But back to today:
In art class we got our pottery project back to glaze.
So I glazed my bowl. I was told that the orange
dried clear. So I painted my project blue first,
and then to make it all shiny I put the
"Orange that dried clear" on it.
--It didn't dry clear -Now I have an orange bowl. Ehw!
Haha. It's all good though... LOL

As usual: History class was sooo efffin boring.
I have never liked my teacher in that class...
She thinks shes hilarious... And it's just like

Biology sucked.

On the bus home this girl goes
"I love your earings.. I want to lick them"
And I was just like.. "THAT'S GREAT!"
[It was kind of wierd]

Now I'm home.

Song that saved my life today: Missing you By: Tyler Hilton


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