Monday, June 15, 2009


I havn't written in a really long time!
Sorry about that. A lot has been going on!
So it's officially summer.
I'm so excited school is over!
I couldn't stand that place another day! HA.
It's about 1:20 in the morning right now.
Im just laying awake thinking about things.
Me and my best friend got in a fight and we
are no longer talking. I prefer to keep it
that way after the things that were said.
Today I guess she told this girl about what
had been going on with us and she
messaged me on facebook about it. It's so
none of her business... Don't you just love
how people think that everything involves
them so they have to know about it.
Its like : OMG its not any of your
business OK!
I should be going up to my grandparents
town soon anyways, so I'll get away from
everything and just get to start over.
Meet some new people (Guys)

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