Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So. If any of you are being raised by single moms,
give her a major break. I saw first hand how hard it is
for my mother today. It was around noon and the landlord
knocked on my door and three cops were with him.
We were soposed to leave because my mom didnt pay
the rent. My mom was at work so I called her and she came
home and handled it. I was so freaked we would have to leave.
I am so proud of my mother. She is raising three kids all on
her own. As much as I might say I hate her or complain about
how much she is on my back sometimes, I know its just because
she cares about me. I love my mother more than anyone.
I know she will always be here for me.
It doesnt matter how hard things may get. It just doesnt matter.
Because at the end of the day, we all have each other.
And some people dont realise that family is the only thing
that we ever really have. Family can be anyone.
A friend. Or even some crazy neighbor that will never
leave you alone. Family can be anyone. You just have to look
hard enough. I am so greatful for mine.

Song that saved my life today:
Broken By: Lifehouse

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