Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of school. = Drama.

So the first day of school was good. =]
I have study hall every morning then
went to Theatre arts. My teacher was . . . Out there.
And Then had english. I had someone in my class that I hate!
Then went to Alg. I had another girl in my class that I hate.
The girl in my Alg. class has been spreading stuff about me
because I like the same guy she does. Ugh.
If she keeps saying things I can promice you I will get
suspended for getting in a fight with her by the end
of next week. Im so over all of this stuff.
My brother started middle school today.
And in the afternoon he couldnt find the bus.
(Middle and HIgh schoolers ride the same bus)
And I was on the phone with my mom telling her about it
and this girl in front of me turns around and gives me this
look I was so mad I was about to hit her I was just like
"What" haha . . . Guess you had to be there but it was
pretty funny.

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