Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Its been a pretty rough month.
I'm no longer friends with Merrideth.
For good this time, we have not spoken to
each other in about two weeks and three days.
I found out my mom has Multiple Sclerosis.
She has had it for years and never told me,
I found out from my new best friend.
My mom told her mom.
And I eventually found out about it.
My mom doesn't know that I know,
And I'm thinking I want to keep it that way.
A lot more has happend but I don't want to get into it.
Right now I'm just sitting in my room listening to the
"Songs to save your life" play list on my Ipod.
I understand why my mom didn't tell me about
it, but she is always telling me to tell her things,
but if she planned on breaking down the wall between us,
she shouldn't have built it.

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